Past Talks and Workshops


The UX of Data
Synapse by Segment
San Francisco 9/26/19

The UX of Data

Pluralsight LIVE
Salt Lake City 8/28/19

Practicing Growth Design
The Growth Design Series with CascadeSF
San Francisco 7/29/19

Growth Design Workshop
User Defenders
Online 7/3/19

Designing the End to Homelessness
LA Design Fest
Los Angeles 6/20/19

The UX of Data
SCV Data Science and Machine Learning
Santa Clarita 5/16/19

The UX of Data
Webinar with Scaled Inference
Online 4/2/19

Growth Design: Why and how designers are getting involved in growth
Growth Design NYC
New York 3/28/19

The UX of Data
Convey UX
Seattle 3/12/19

The UX of Data
Data Science Salon Austin
Austin 2/20/19


Conducting UX Research as a Product Designer
UX Research Night
Pasadena 10/25/18

Tech + Homelessness
Santa Monica 10/18/18

The UX of Data
LAUX Meetup
Santa Monica 10/11/18

Defining Metrics Workshop 
Online 09/19/18 and 10/2/18

Listening Session and Workshop Facilitation
Hack for LA’s National Day of Civic Hacking
Los Angeles, 8/18


Metrics for Designers
SoCal UX Camp
Irvine, CA 8/13/17

Lightning Talk on Growth Design
Growth Design - The Intersection of Metrics and Experience 
Glendale, CA 6/6/17


Building product mindset through ideation workshop
Grace Hopper Conference
Houston, TX 10/20/16

Metrics That Matter
Design Evenings at Kluge
Los Angeles 9/8/16

Metrics That Matter
Carbon Five Talk Night
Los Angeles 7/20/16


Sunny with a Chance of Innovation
Future of Web Design
San Francisco 10/30/15

Storytelling as Data Workshop
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center 
San Francisco

Designing Experiences, Designing Teams
Panel Organizer and Moderator
Silicon Beach Fest 
Los Angeles 6/26/15

Experiment-Driven Balanced Team
Balanced Team
Grand Rapids, MI 6/13/15

Mise en World
Evenings at the Loft: Session 6 Aesthetics
Los Angeles 3/20/15


Make Room for Play
Smashing Conference Whistler Jam Session 
Whistler, BC 12/16/14

10 Things Emerging in UX
Digital Rendezvous SF 
San Francisco


Objective vs Subjective Design
Balanced Team San Francisco 
San Francisco 11/2/13

Design for Augmented Reality
Design Track Captain and Panel Moderator
Silicon Beach Fest 
Los Angeles 6/13