Lex Roman


Rapid, lightweight experiments helped us surpass our conversion goal.



The Goal

Prosper came to Carbon Five to increase conversion on their mobile product and to unify their web and mobile codebases into one. They are a growth company and had an existing customer base, but they knew they were losing people on mobile. We ran about 35 experiments throughout the project and managed to double conversions for mobile. We designed a flexible system that we began to scale up when we concluded the project.

Borrowers may not choose Prosper because.jpg
Six up sketch of an experiment

My Role

As design lead, I chose an experiment-drive decision process and guided our team through it from the design perspective. We use lightweight ideation rounds, along with sketching wireframes and a living style guide to send out experiments nearly every day. 


  • Facilitating workshops
  • Experiment planning
  • Customer Development
  • Messaging (copywriting)
  • Wireframing and User Flows
  • Pattern creation and documentation (styleguide)
  • User Testing
  • Visual Design

Testing Interaction Paradigms

After we removed unnecessary steps, we tested three methods of filling out the form. We also tested style, messaging and amount of loan offers we presented.


The original form layout with new styling


Single, expandable form


One question at a time

Reducing Complexity


Showing the process clearly with time estimates


Offering additional support every step of the way


Helping people recover from errors faster

The Results

Doubled conversion on mobile and increased conversion on desktop for accepting an offer

Shipped a responsive web app and pattern library

Created a testing framework for the team to take forward to continue learning and optimizing