Design Practice

In order to see the impact of design, we have to measure it. My passion is beyond merely designing solutions, but also in ensuring they are successful.

I offer five services detailed below: customer development, iterative design, data strategy, experimentation and coaching.

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Customer Development

Together, these practices are known as growth design. They can also be applied independently.


Customer Development

Customer development is the most valuable type of user research for growth because it focuses on real situations, real problems and real behaviors. When we focus on our own products too much, we miss the bigger market opportunity. Opening up the human side of these conversations is how you stay competitive.
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Iterative Design

With insights from the customer development process, I develop flows and maps—refining interfaces and interactions as we gain certainty about how to solve problems. As I raise fidelity, we define key metrics and lightweight tests to validate we're on the right track. I do a range of design work from strategy to visual design.


Data Strategy and Analytics

Data is only as good as the humans who define, interpret and act on it. I also use a human-centric approach with metrics. I can help your team choose tools, instrument analytics, create reports and develop practices to share what you learn.
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Validation is a method for de-risking the product direction. Once we have a sense of what we're building, I facilitate exercises and discussions around how much value is enough to ship. I also have deep expertise in running quantitative tests and am always looking to push the limits of growth.
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For individuals or teams around the topics of growth, design, data and product development.

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