Design practice

Strategic design can improve lives and grow companies. In order to see the impact of design, we have to measure it. My passion is beyond merely designing solutions, but also in ensuring they are successful.

I do this using the following practices.

Customer Development

Customer Development

My best work is rooted in customer conversations. These can take place even before a product exists. In these sessions, I'm looking to understand their behavior, motivations and environment. I use Ash Maurya's problem interview style to ensure we identify unsolved opportunities. As we build products, it's important to keep an open channel with these customers to learn how our solutions are addressing their problems.


Iterative Design

With insights from the customer development process, I develop flows and maps - refining interfaces and interactions as we gain certainty about how to solve problems. As I raise fidelity, we define key metrics and lightweight tests to validate we're on the right track.

Abstract data visualization

Data Strategy

I also use a human-centric approach with metrics. We often measure too many things and document very little of it. Event names are more clear if they relate to how you use the product. Reports become more readable when the team builds shared understanding around them. Data is only as good as the humans who define, interpret and act on it. 


Early Validation

Validation is a method for de-risking the product direction. My early UX career centered on conversion strategy and lean startup methods. I've evolved my thinking but still strongly believe in the method. I've seen it benefit products over and over. Once we have a sense of what we're building, I facilitate exercises and discussions around how much value is enough to ship. I also have deep expertise in running quantitative tests and am always looking to push the limits of growth.


Continuous Improvement

As we ship layers of value, I'll start systematizing how we learn from them. This includes utilizing more scalable customer feedback channels like support tickets and beta testing groups. It also includes frequently reviewing metrics, questioning them and learning more every time. I'm always keeping the customer top of mind and considering what could help us deliver value faster.


(Delivering value is $$$)