Side Projects


Everyone in Housing
Available on Cotton Bureau

Yay! Space!
Available on Cotton Bureau

League of Women Voters

I am part of my local League's Homeless Action Committee. This year, we've been focusing on raising awareness for solutions to homelessness and making what our city and county is doing to help more transparent. We produced a guide to supportive housing called "Yes In My LA." I designed the guide and the website.

Download the guide at


League of Women Voters of LA Homelessness Forum


JR School of Film
LA-based Film school offering classes in producing and directing for working professionals.

Just Chorizo
Production company creating features and short films.

LA Dance Film Festival
Short film festival featuring dance films


Custom College Planning
Individualized college services for high school students in Atlanta, Georgia.


Startup Patterns

Book by Sam McAfee (Available on Amazon)

Startup Patterns book
Startup Patterns

Photo by David Holl